EBG Creative was created out of our needs to support our multiple business ventured and grew to support and bring value to our customers as well.

Apartments Community Websites
Eureka Business Group is a commercial real estate brokerage that focuses in multifamily assets and as owners/operators we also needed websites for our own communities. After multiple trials and experimentation we feel we cracked the formula for an apartments community website with the right mix of layout, information and design. We then started receiving multiple organic leads from our website and decided to extend that as a service to our customers and friends that own and operate multifamily assets.

There are many great podcasts out there that focus on real estate and multifamily but we felt that none of them if focusing on the operations side of things. That’s how The Multifamily Operators Podcast was born where we interview leading multifamily operators and discuss the phase that comes after the purchase!

Book Publishing
Our first published book: The Real Estate College Fund, currently available on Amazon, is focused on single family rentals and the power of using them as a savings account (for College, Retirement, etc.)

Other Media Production
We also produce and publish educational content about real estate investment, multifamily, commercial real estate, and much more! Check out our YouTube channel.

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